In Case I Fall In Love Again

In case I fall in love again
I will remember not to feign
I shall let the new consume my soul
till I am floating of her breath

In case I fall in love again
I shall present her to my gods
asking them to allow us peace
in a world so ridden with strife

In case I fall in love again
my tears will be ready to flow
not the ones that hurt the heart
but the ones that joy the soul

In case I fall in love again
there will be no lies or stories told
they never helped anyway
so away with them they go

In case I fall in love again
I will want to ride it till the end
this will be my third time out
and that will be enough for me

In case I fall in love again
has already come
we share our truths together
and talk about the sun

In case I fall in love again
the beauty of its being
it has saved me from eternity
with just a flick and a fleeing


PAD #27 a mechanical poem

mechanics it seems
is just a dream
to someone who used to be
a technician by trade
a router of lines
a dreamer of words to say
but now I see
those words to me
and down they go to read
but are they good
do they move you
as they should
or even make sense
when you read

Full Pink Moon

it is moon time
full moon in fact
tonight is the full
pink moon and
that is how I like
her the most
but today she is
more than special
today is a lunar
eclipse, it takes
my heart away,
makes me scream
in envy, and tear
standing still, the
walls are down
and she has entered
floated right in
minding *my* business
to make me feel
right at home
thank you my
for I hate to
come alone

PAD #24 An Auto Poem

Automatically wondering
who is thinking of me
and why are they thinking
that’s the only answer
for out of nowhere, I am
I was not thinking
of a thing, I was teaching
stereo mic techniques and…
Who is this person that has
taken me there,
and why has it been going on
all day
this must be a person that
likes me a lot for she has been able
to break through all of my barriers
all of my walls,
all thoughts against
what she is thinking of with me

who is she?

I’d really like to know

PAD #23 A love poem & an anti love poem

is very special
it takes me to the highest ground
and lets me go without falling
she soothes me

Anti love

the opposite of hate
or is it the other way around
I was once sure, but have fallen off
the love of all my years, only to see
that she didn’t really love me
the way I needed to be, so the
only thing for me to do was leave
and hope that the other love
the one I always needed will show
itself, not in my dreams but
in my reality