So, I am cruising around on you tube and come across recordings of Muddy Waters and the Rolling Stones at the Checkerboard Lounge in Chicago from 1981. This may not mean anything to a lot of you but it means the world to me. I used to follow Muddy Waters, see him whenever I could in the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and I have followed the Rolling Stones since they hit the states in the 60’s. Putting the two of them together was just fantastic, and it shows. But, not only that, I was working for Power Station recording studios in the 80’s when these tapes came in. Being I was working nights I was able to listen to the master tapes of the recordings and was blown away by them, but to find them on you tube this morning blew me away! They sound great, they look great, they are fuckin great and i am happier than a pig in shit that these recordings have finally gotten released.
Thanks Bob Clearmountain for doing such a fantastic job on them, you make me proud to know you…

This is the opener but do check out more of these recordings, they are fantastic… the best part is Muddy Waters is having such a good time, check out Mannish Boy and you will see…


I lost my words

what it is and what it was
what it will be, or just because
I have no words to share today
they’re gone for me to say
whatever happened
who ever said
I liked my words
so did Fred
but not tonight
nor tomorrow
not yesterday
or for the fellow
they’re just for me
or so they say
or are they the ones
that just go away
I don’t know
there is no rhyme
there is no reason
there are no words
that’s not so pleasin’