A Sigh

a sigh I say before I cry
and tell the tale of why I try
to battle myself just to say
I live again in my heart felt way
I romanticize in my solo dreams
wondering why my body screams
of dying, and trying, with crying
of all the years that past denying
will the just come around while I
am diving or will I just end up dying
for the need, the want, the desire
of you


A Little Feat night for me

Well the night that I got into town
Was the night the rain froze on the ground
Down the street I heard such a sorrowful tune
Comin’ from the place they call the Spanish Moon
Well I stepped inside, and stood by the door
While a dark girl sang, and played the guitar
There was hookers, and hustlers, filled up the room
I heard about this place they call the Spanish Moon
One false step, you get done in
It’s a cold situation
Don’t care who, you could all face ruin
You could lose it all down at the Spanish Moon
Whiskey, and bad cocaine
Poison get you just the same
And if that — that don’t — kill you soon
The women will down at the Spanish Moon
Well I pawned my watch, and I sold my ring
Just to hear that girl singing (ooh who)
I don’t care who, you could all face ruin
You can lose it all down at the Spanish Moon
Whiskey, and bad cocaine
Poison get you just the same
And if that — that don’t — kill you soon
The women will down at the Spanish Moon

I have spent the last three hours filling my soul with Little Feat and YouTube
What could be better…?

I Need A Life

I’ve got a life
but I don’t know
where it goes
I had a wife
but my life with
her just blows
well, not really
she used to
but that is a
whole `nother
I’ve got a life
and one who
I really love
and I worry
if she will live
till my next visit
I’ve got a life
that for some reason
falls in lust with
dykes, oh in
proper circles
that would be
not with their
life, just with them
and not both of them
just one, the others
lover can leave now
oh, btw… I’ve
always done this
what are you bi
I don’t care
I’ll love you always
without your hair
who am I
what do I say
how can I live
through this life
things change to
I can’t keep up
it points to tragedy
to get mopped up
the days seem
like months
months like years
wait a second and
three weeks have
past, I don’t get it
but that’s just me
I need a nap
to get away
take me to her
right away
settle my soul
release my brain
borrow some
I need a life

bye babes

I’d say that the light of day
has become rather dark today
another loss in a year of losses
is way too much for me

they are all around, they sing
the song of death as they float
between these worlds and onto
where they will reside

as they do they try to say
goodbye to those that hear
it kills me every time to know
that nothing I can do will matter

knives, guns, bombs, and
a building that collapses
a divorce thrown in
and the government wiretaps(es)

depression setting in making
a home of its own
six months of this year has gone
and I am feeling so alone

goodbye to all my peeps
let the world you live in now
be better than the one you left
I shall send a tear to all of you
for that is the shape I’m in…

bye babes

“Bummer Dude”

I know I am not alone, at home
even though I truly am
its a sham,
and Toulouse-Lautrec
lets go walking so
I can stretch my neck
into the fields of long tall grass
and watch your eyes pop
and drop
to the evil ways of calling
tears from the depths
of your soul and to the reaches
of mine
it’s sublime
all I want is to be happy
and all I get is those that
try to make me that way
but in the fires that I feel
and the approaching solstice
makes me feel
I know it’s just the night
or day, or week, or month
but it is and therefore
so am I
it’s like, “bummer dude”
when it goes so well that
you get hit by the shit fan
and the only way up is out
with clout?
who cares, beam me outta here
I need a break from my life
and we both know that I can’t
take you with me
what the fuck, drive a truck
dad taught me well
just need the license to travel
on, and on, and on…
till the road closes and the sheets
are clean
will you be with me
to see