Yup, it’s true

“laid off” today
15 years of teaching…
a brain hemorrhage 2 weeks ago…
still here
divorced in January…
alone, sort of
borderline sixty…
damn fuckin right I am

More to come I am sure



we know more than most will ever,
we see deeper than them all,
we know the places that we’ve been,
and we know ours is forever
no matter what happens in this life,
we will always be,
but if we can’t have a friendship because of what we know
than we may have lost ourselves this time

She Likes My Sex

I am worried
worried about a woman that says
she has turned into a sex fiend
and for that, I am being blamed
she likes my sex
but I don’t dare take her
to where my sex wants to be
she is very sensitive and
pain will not be for her
she likes my sex
but I am not satisfied
I am happy for her
but me… I need more
I have discovered with a former lover
that I need some form/s of pain
how much I do not know
but yes I do need
the former, btw I am still in love with,
and always have been and always will be
knew, spotted it early on and was carefully
taking me there, but
we are apart now, not for much longer I hope
but apart we are
so I am teaching my woman about her nails
how to take bites without bleeds, and kisses
to places she has never been
but still, I am not satisfied
and only will be, can be, want to be
with one
and she knows who she is…
she likes my sex