I Did It!

Oh yea, I did it last night…
I proposed to my best friend
and she said yes!
Now to find a way that
we can make this work
for nothing in this life
can make me happier…

I so fuckin love you girl

tears, hugs, and kisses…
Lets Go!


Full Pink Moon

it is moon time
full moon in fact
tonight is the full
pink moon and
that is how I like
her the most
but today she is
more than special
today is a lunar
eclipse, it takes
my heart away,
makes me scream
in envy, and tear
standing still, the
walls are down
and she has entered
floated right in
minding *my* business
to make me feel
right at home
thank you my
for I hate to
come alone

PAD # 17 expressions

to express myself is hard to do
there is love inside me
as well as anger and fear
little known angles of
shedding some tears

to express myself is hard to do
there are words I choose to try to say
and rhymes I use pass the day
and don’t forget the metaphors
to help me hide away

to express myself is hard to do
I use my paints to help me say
what it is I feel today
using acrylics and palette knives
I express my feelings in a abstract way

to express myself is hard to do
I’ve lived my life battling the innards given
the ones that hurt, the ones that shiver
the migraines, the seizures, the NDE’s
so here I come for you to see

to express myself is hard to do
I never thought I would
for me is me and you are you
but open up I have, now move on
keep going, and don’t be sad

Dedicated to M. L.

My day was long and hard
as most can be
I crawl into bed
only to find
no sleep for me
I lie awake watching
the blinking of the
smoke alarms
and I remember
the dreams we share
the clothes you wear
the smell of your skin
the strength of your arms
as we cuddle
the laughter that comes
from not being ticklish
and I smile
with tears in my eyes
some flowing down my cheek
and as I wipe them away
I blow a kiss knowing
it will land on your lips
no matter how far away
you are