When We Were Young

when it comes
it comes down to this
such a long way from where
it started just for us
I know I know
and so do you
that the love that we once had
has faded down the paths
like loves
that lasted
just for lips,
and oh those eyes
and all it makes me do now
is want to cry
you’re in pain, I am too
and together we are making
life to be a big taboo
it needs to hurt to make me cry
the tears of laughter have gone and
left us by
only I can say, only I can see
I loved you with all my soul
and that was me
but now I know
but now I see
the pain it comes
from a need
that I still need
and yours of course
it comes from me
to all the others
once and true
and those that disbelieve


Not today

I have done nothing
I am getting swallowed up
in my own self pity
my strength is gone
out the window with
my last seizure
down the hole with
the nothingness
of life
today is not the day
to talk to me
I will take you and
everyone you know
down with me
so just leave
me be

A Sigh

a sigh I say before I cry
and tell the tale of why I try
to battle myself just to say
I live again in my heart felt way
I romanticize in my solo dreams
wondering why my body screams
of dying, and trying, with crying
of all the years that past denying
will the just come around while I
am diving or will I just end up dying
for the need, the want, the desire
of you

A Muse

a muse to come home to
one that’s always there
one to write with
one that always cares

a muse to come home to
a muse that once was there
singing in the parlors of life
with just the hint of care

a muse to come home to
shes went and gone away
won’t come back at anytime
shes gone but yet to stay

a muse to come home to
one that pains and frowns
she’s there readies her ammo
for another word that melts down

a muse to come home to
to tear your soul to shreds
they hear and see nothing but
must they go and wed?

Are You Ready

once in a field
I lay my head to rest
watching the clouds
flow by, I tear
missing the life
I once had
wishing the life
thats about to
come, it turns to tears
longing for what
can’t be now
when now is what I need
I close my eyes
and dream and
immediately she is there
walking up behind me
she wraps her arms around me
and hugs,
again even tighter still
she rubs my chest
playing with the hairs
she has found
until she finds my nipples
and just rubs them
again and again she does this
as I start to moan she
pinches both of them
and I twitch a quick breath in
as I am asked
“are you ready…”


the thoughts of sensuality
are suddenly through my head
they pass along through everything
not a drop of me feels dead
my lips are parted awaiting yours
to join a simple kiss, or lashing
that makes me so damn hard
I just can’t stop from laughing
I wait for your tongue and teeth
to make me moan and make me groan
I have sensations everywhere
from my head down to my toes
I am hard to be and long for you
as one would a ever love
I push inside and as I do
to hear a slightest moan
the kind that makes me want to hold
so tight and never, ever let go
we sweat and sway through nite and day
nothing in our way, on and on
we go together, breathing like the dead
and then I say OMG! and deeper I still lay
a breath I have just taken as I
look around the room, alone I am
as a tear forms from my eye
I love you babe, so want you here
and this dream and I shall sway
until enough time goes by
when it will be today