Goodbye 2013

Goodbye 2013

This past year has sucked for me. Started out with a friend/student of mine being murdered at 2:30 in the morning of January 1st, and has ending with a “punch” from someone I once loved with all my heart. btw… that punch hit me in the middle of a black ice field and I landed hard on my right hip and can walk only with my walker at this point… remind me to never fall in love with a witch again, they hit too fuckin hard.
So getting ready to start 2014 with a fresh slate, a hole in my heart, and a divorce right around the corner. I hope that all goes well and I have made a final decision… I will never marry again, too much for me to handle, maybe a relationship somewhere down the line but that is all, no rings, no fingers, no pressure.

I am wishing all of you, whoever you are, a much better year in 2014 and good luck to you all…



my doors are closed
all windows locked
the shades are drawn
as I lay on the floor
hearing the world
go by, tears flowing
arms hugging myself
rocking to the songs
of Hall & Oates
and thinking why

Just Some Words

so what do you say when the world goes crazy
when everyone around you seems so lazy
and your mind is stuck in nothing but hazy
like drowning in a sea of endless jacuzzi

I want to know more but keep learning less
my time on this world just tells me to guess
the more I try seems like a bigger mess
and all I have left is something to compress

I am feeling trapped in my own creation
like a teacher holding me back for detention
or my outwardness squashed by depression
I could use a little accommodation

so scratch my back and tickle my toes
and find some peeps to call my beaus
my numbers are fading and this I knows
so call on the stars to throw me some virgos