I’m Gone

moving day is on its way
packing and leaving
thirty years thrown away
was never meant to stay
I’d say, but I did until today
I wonder why I did so long
when I knew things were wrong
not what I wanted most of the time
and now I’m gone, gone to stay


Oh well…

wtf, I’m still depressed
I get home and do nothing
sit around all day
stare at the computer
like someone is going to say
hey you! what cha doin?
a lot of nothin’ is the reply
I have piles of stuff everywhere
just staring at me
they do nothing by themselves
I’ve got to put them away
but here I sit, and sit , and sit
lucky I even get up to work
too bad no one sees me this way
no one knows me the way I do
just a big, skinny, lazy, depressed
shit that I am


I sit around waiting for my woman to speak
can I hear what she says or am I just too weak
for love is a blinder you miss all the faults
when you miss her so much that she is your thoughts
I wait for the phone to ring, check to see my mail
always only to feel that feeling of one entail
I know she is out there, somewhere waits for me
but till I find another way it is there that she will be

I’m Bored

I’m bored

I’m tired

my break is over

I need it over again

I’m lonely

I’m free

is this what I really wanted

is this what I thought I’d need

I’m horny (I think)

I’m stoned (for sure)

so what’s all this about

do I really need to be?

Love Knot

There is no more love
I got rid of that
There is no more hate
I got rid of that
There is no more friendship
I got rid of that
There is no more sadness
I got rid of that
There is no more guilt
I got rid of that
There is no more want, need, desire
I got rid of them
There is no more moon
I had to leave her
There is no more
There is no more
There is no more
but now there is anger
and I never wanted that…

Hello 2014

Well now this becomes about as interesting as it can get.
I am now divorced, after 31 years, 28 married I am officially and legally divorced.
What a strange feeling this is, that is to say without someone you have spent so much time with and
gone through misery and despair and happiness with joyful tears, and hugs, smiles, fears and deaths.
While at the same time the person I fell in love with two years ago, and brought her out of her own misery and despair to show her love, respect, and happiness, I have just said goodbye to, in a strange way but has called it over. This saddens me beyond belief but it is for my own good and must be so, so…
I am now alone, and in a way relieved. I shall not ever marry again, maybe I will love again but for now… 2014, I shall run it alone…