Whats going on, you two

so, what gives with she and me you wonder?
we are well on the road to being back
what happened you ask?
simple, I lied and tried to hide
which is something I promised her I would never do
it wasn’t even that she caught me
(even though she knew)
it was the fact that I broke my promise to her
and I could not live with myself knowing that I did
I put us through hell, this time she reached in to pull me out
and I thank her

We will be back soon, this winter must end first
and then we will be in each others arms again
until then, we write, we talk, we look into each others souls
and come out smiling again

When We Were Young

when it comes
it comes down to this
such a long way from where
it started just for us
I know I know
and so do you
that the love that we once had
has faded down the paths
like loves
that lasted
just for lips,
and oh those eyes
and all it makes me do now
is want to cry
you’re in pain, I am too
and together we are making
life to be a big taboo
it needs to hurt to make me cry
the tears of laughter have gone and
left us by
only I can say, only I can see
I loved you with all my soul
and that was me
but now I know
but now I see
the pain it comes
from a need
that I still need
and yours of course
it comes from me
to all the others
once and true
and those that disbelieve