my sun has gone and made my world
full of life and song that’s true
but if my sun goes dark around me
I know will always have you


Cum`on y`all, sing along with me

I mean really, if you don’t know these lyrics
you probably don’t belong on *this* site…

Also, one of the best acoustic guitar sounds I have ever heard, on this song and on the rest of the album

So, I am bored…

And I start cleaning my desk, oh yea, it is that bad. While throwing all sorts of shit out I come across the manual for a pair of speakers I have had for, oh god, twenty five years or more. They were cool, little bookshelf speakers, sounded great but I realized two years ago that the low end was shot in them. Actually that rubber seal that goes around the outside of these speakers was totally gone and without that there is no low end, period. So I spent some time looking to replace these speakers, or the blown out parts to no avail, and ended up buying a new pair of Polk speakers. And yes, I like them a lot.
So, I am looking at the manual and ready to throw it out when I stop and just punch in their names into the google search bar. No, do understand I have done this many times trying to find them with no luck, and Boom… their is a link to ebay.
I sit at the comp looking at the link, I hate ebay but have in the past gotten some great stuff from it so… click, and their they are, the speakers I have been looking for. $50.00 for the pair with no grill, no problem, I still have my old grills. So… yup, I did it, I went to buy them and of course they want you to use paypal, only problem there is what is my pay pal info. I start searching everywhere trying to find out who I am on P.P. and I find my name, geeee… I said, well that looks familiar, then sign up for a new password, only problem there is it has been so long since I have used P.P. that my credit card is not the same and so I have to guess at the questions they are now asking… where was I born, first answer “none of your fuckin business” hmmm, that didn’t work, ok, lets try this…. good, and now you want my social, oy! did I really agree to all of this shit, put it in and yup, I guess I did.
So, I bought the speakers, they will be here next week and I hope they work. If they don’t well, they will end up on a canvas as another female nude… smiles

Please allow me to introduce myself #2

So, I made it through most of my teens without too much of a problem, never thought I’d make it to twenty but there it was. I had dropped out of high school, became a kosher butcher, went back to high school, graduated and went to a two year college in Boston. Just my luck it turned out to be the college that fed drugs to all the other schools in the Kenmore Sq area. So, I sort of fit right in. I fell in love with a dyke who wanted nothing to do with me, hung out with an alcoholic from Florida, we always missed our morning classes and breakfast, would meet at her place around noon and start our day with some nasty assed screwdrivers and off to class we would go. All of us would meet again by four pm at the bar on the corner “Pooh’s Pub” where we would proceed to get drunk as skunks and at 2am get kicked out and back to the dorms to party until 4… crash, get up at noon and do it all over again. Pooh’s was a cool place, they would keep track of how much money you had spent on drinks until you reached $100 and then you were a member of the $100 dollar club where you would pick a night that you wanted and you could drink whatever you wanted all night and it was the owners responsibility to get you home and into bed, I never made it but a friend of mine did and I don’t think he was ever the same… they would also have jazz concerts in the back room where on any given night you could pay a dollar to see some of the cats from Berkley play, it was cool.

I got to see some great music in Boston that year, would go to Paul’s Mall and the Jazz Workshop, ate great Chinese food in China town, and just didn’t care… it was a party school, at a party time and I did party…

The school went bankrupt the second year I was there, which was fine for me as I got to go back to New York and start my life again.


More soon …

I Stepped On My Dream

I stepped on my dream today
just enough to make it wonder
if it should change direction
and clear its head

I stepped on my dream today
I hurt it and it told me so
want to know why
the answer was given

I stepped on my dream today
I tripped over it
and made it cry
this pain I felt and explained

I stepped on my dream today
enough to make it think
pull back into its memories
and think who am I

I stepped on my dream today
I love this dream of mine
and it loves me back
but careful will it run

I stepped on my dream today
it made me think
should I, and why…
yes, and love

I stepped on my dream today
I still need my freedom
I still don’t want to die
I still want you

I stepped on my dream today
and I apologize


so you see I wonder it to me
is it true that nobody has ever
sent this beautifully dimpled
woman anything?
Impossible, I say… but I might be wrong
So happy she is,
jumping up and down like a child
on their first Christmas
I can see her doing it
especially after last night
when I got to see her laugh
and wonder
and tease
she is who I want to be with
tonight, and every night
I no longer care how this concept
scares her
I have seen her and tonight
we get to talk, oh please let us talk
enjoy the gifts
I enjoyed them for you


I’m wondering
what I am doing, where I’ve been
how I got here, and why did I win
I’m thinking
that I should be, something more
that I see me, through that door
I’m willing
to be more than before, to see the light
I’ve seen before, to have thee by my side
I’m expecting
to see new ways, to hear new sounds
to bleed new drops, to be the clouds
I’m wanting
to see you, to hear your smile
to smell your face, to touch your lace
I’m waiting
for the you, and the me
and the S’s, and mom to see