What Do You See

the lightning sparks across the window pane
with the rolls of thunder at it’s feet
it’s here, it’s now, it’s under our breeze
awaiting to see the artists aesthete



when the pin tails fly across the sky
and the moon beams touch the fingers of the floor
I can’t wait to see the time
that will bring us together once more


ah, the blues will get cha
ain’t that true tonight
the blues will get cha
every dream and every flight
the blues will get cha
don’t cha know that that’s alright

yea, I could make a song out of this but
I think I’ll let it die here… y`all got the point


windows and watches
hanging on the window pane
just to keep myself
from going totally insane
peoples hearts can
bleed from mine
when we watch to see
whose sense is
falling behind
attack, defend,
run away…
where’s my cave
that’s where I want to be
just hiding from the escapes
of reality
go to them,
scream my name
come on back and try it again
when will the eagles soar
try forever and never more
lucky in love
or so they say
whats so lucky about it
I found it
we found each other
only to leave it all behind
two times luck
three times score
I wish I was Poe,

The End?

Hello kid, I just want to say
that I am in pain today
and these pains are bringing thoughts
of what I have to say
it been a long time that’s for sure
and we have come a very long way
but now I know it hurts but I am to say
our time is done, I have gone away
this you know, it has been a while
but I need to make it more so
let me just go right to it
I can live with you no more
no matter what changes
might be made I just can’t
go back to what we had it just
hurts me to damn much.
Where once we were glad
I am now sad, there are reasons
why but most of all I have changed
I need to take control of myself again
and not be covered by your blanket
of protection, no matter how much it was
needed in our past, I need to let that go
and with that, you.
I am depressed all the time, I was before I left
and now every time I think of going back it depresses
me more. It must be done, that’s all there is.

You are my savior in many ways and of many things
all of these I will never forget, your place in my heart
will always be, but no longer can it have you as its lover
a friend yes, of course, and always a very close one but I need me now
I have told you too many stories, have lied too many times
and I need to clear my self of these, I have become fearful
of not living up to your standards, to disappointing you in
what I do, to needing you to survive on a daily basis, I need
to know that I don’t, I need to know that I can do things again before
I die thinking I can’t, and I was close to doing so.

I am sorry but I am asking you for a divorce, so I may continue
to move on, see my way to the next step for me, whatever that may be.

I beg you to understand, and to work with me towards this, I know it can go
In many different directions but I am hoping that we may end as friends.