So, I am bored…

And I start cleaning my desk, oh yea, it is that bad. While throwing all sorts of shit out I come across the manual for a pair of speakers I have had for, oh god, twenty five years or more. They were cool, little bookshelf speakers, sounded great but I realized two years ago that the low end was shot in them. Actually that rubber seal that goes around the outside of these speakers was totally gone and without that there is no low end, period. So I spent some time looking to replace these speakers, or the blown out parts to no avail, and ended up buying a new pair of Polk speakers. And yes, I like them a lot.
So, I am looking at the manual and ready to throw it out when I stop and just punch in their names into the google search bar. No, do understand I have done this many times trying to find them with no luck, and Boom… their is a link to ebay.
I sit at the comp looking at the link, I hate ebay but have in the past gotten some great stuff from it so… click, and their they are, the speakers I have been looking for. $50.00 for the pair with no grill, no problem, I still have my old grills. So… yup, I did it, I went to buy them and of course they want you to use paypal, only problem there is what is my pay pal info. I start searching everywhere trying to find out who I am on P.P. and I find my name, geeee… I said, well that looks familiar, then sign up for a new password, only problem there is it has been so long since I have used P.P. that my credit card is not the same and so I have to guess at the questions they are now asking… where was I born, first answer “none of your fuckin business” hmmm, that didn’t work, ok, lets try this…. good, and now you want my social, oy! did I really agree to all of this shit, put it in and yup, I guess I did.
So, I bought the speakers, they will be here next week and I hope they work. If they don’t well, they will end up on a canvas as another female nude… smiles


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