I Did It!

Oh yea, I did it last night…
I proposed to my best friend
and she said yes!
Now to find a way that
we can make this work
for nothing in this life
can make me happier…

I so fuckin love you girl

tears, hugs, and kisses…
Lets Go!


Boston Marathon

who can say
why blow up the Marathon today
what are you thinking
whose it all for
why don’t you give me friggin call
lets talk some trash
lets drink the rye
then you can tell me
what was on your mind
how many people were you trying to hurt
who were you after
and a damn good why
who can say
why blow up the Marathon today
sixty injured
and two dead
all for the reason of…I just don’t know
did your sneakers not fit
are your undies too tight
my god man you just took two lives
and the injuries
were not scratches
a woman had her leg blown off
are you happy now
is this what you wanted
who can say
someone blew up the Marathon today