When We Were Young

when it comes
it comes down to this
such a long way from where
it started just for us
I know I know
and so do you
that the love that we once had
has faded down the paths
like loves
that lasted
just for lips,
and oh those eyes
and all it makes me do now
is want to cry
you’re in pain, I am too
and together we are making
life to be a big taboo
it needs to hurt to make me cry
the tears of laughter have gone and
left us by
only I can say, only I can see
I loved you with all my soul
and that was me
but now I know
but now I see
the pain it comes
from a need
that I still need
and yours of course
it comes from me
to all the others
once and true
and those that disbelieve


My Life

I live my life the best I can
which includes the pains of life
the ones that hurt the physical
and others kill the emotional

wanting to scream of the agony
but always keep it in
don’t hurt me again if you will
and go and dream of your friends (ex)

the legs are screaming, so is the head
this moon is causing too much pain
with it’s ups and downs and all arounds
enjoy her for she is your friend

I feel people should see me clearly
but they tend to miss the point
I shoot straight, right in your face
not disguised behind metaphors

so I shall open my eyes and let them tear
I’m blaming it on the moon
she’s not good to me this harvest
and I know she will be gone soon

Boston Marathon

who can say
why blow up the Marathon today
what are you thinking
whose it all for
why don’t you give me friggin call
lets talk some trash
lets drink the rye
then you can tell me
what was on your mind
how many people were you trying to hurt
who were you after
and a damn good why
who can say
why blow up the Marathon today
sixty injured
and two dead
all for the reason of…I just don’t know
did your sneakers not fit
are your undies too tight
my god man you just took two lives
and the injuries
were not scratches
a woman had her leg blown off
are you happy now
is this what you wanted
who can say
someone blew up the Marathon today

And Is No More

my choice is made clear
to live alone without fear
is far better than living
alone with a woman
I love
the nights are lonely
with her right there
never caring for an affair
just wanted to love
be loved
need love
a touch
a caress
a anything
but nothing was the
and nothing was not for me
so the comparison
became clear
to live alone through out
the marriage
or to live alone
and hope as I age
that someone
wil see my needs
my desires
my love
as it once was
and is no more

Love for Tony

Here I sit with Beatle George
on the radio
Cherry Garcia in one hand
and a spoon in the other
Sweet Lord
My sweet Lord
what was being thought of
on News Years Eve
Wake today
one hell of an event
people, so many people
showing, he was not disappointed
the weird thing was
there were microphones set up
on the stage
I was waiting for a piper
and a choir, none showed
just tears, hugs, comments
three hours of love for Tony
and all others that were there
and for the ones that weren’t

Dedicated to M. L.

My day was long and hard
as most can be
I crawl into bed
only to find
no sleep for me
I lie awake watching
the blinking of the
smoke alarms
and I remember
the dreams we share
the clothes you wear
the smell of your skin
the strength of your arms
as we cuddle
the laughter that comes
from not being ticklish
and I smile
with tears in my eyes
some flowing down my cheek
and as I wipe them away
I blow a kiss knowing
it will land on your lips
no matter how far away
you are