A Q?

Been put down by the angry side
then snuggled by the cutesie side
left alone on the needing side…

it is hard to open the heart again
and do I really want to?


I Wonder if I Can

ok, so lets move on
I lie
I have been a liar for
most of my life
I was raised by a liar
and I always knew when
he was
I saw this and I didn’t want
to be this way, but…

the first thing, I think, to help
is to stop lying, which is
pretty much impossible

the next thing would be that
as soon as you tell a lie
tell the person you just lied to
you lied…
and duck when she throws the punch

there… its done, you told a lie
and admitted it before it turned
itself into a whole series of lies
what a fuckin concept

I wonder if I can do that

Travel On

I wrote this one over a year ago and found it in a file this morning. I have come far from here so do not think this is me now.

Travel On

divorce and depression
walk together side by side
never letting go of the other
holding on by the will of satan

I can’t break loose, stuck in
the muck and mire of a golden hoof
everything falling around me
as I sleep away the possibilities
of life

yes, I left you, yes I wanted to
yes, I needed to, yes, I left you
and what I thought was the main
move, all it seems to have done
was to give me room for depression

I need to get up, need to stand again
need to walk down the street with my
head held high, not down at my feet
preparing myself for the major fall
for it all,
just giving up as I careen
the sidewalks, kicking dust as I go
don’t cha know
I need to rise through the ashes of her
All of her, nothing left unturned
I might be ok to travel on

The New World

Good morning America, how are ya
yea, right… why does that not sound
happy to me any longer

shouldn’t we all go back to hippieville
and love one another right now
well, that didn’t really work either

what if we accept the world
lower the borders and let everyone in
well, we sort of have already

then lets kick them all out
send everyone back from whence they came

stop guns? nope, stop munitions?
I don’t think so, too many video games
to try that now

how about we change our way of thinking
we are totally part of the world now
and feeling its pain

remember the Alamo…
fuck, lets remember life and how precious it is
and guard our neighbor

Welcome to the world America
do not drop your guard, always looking, always watching
for the next one to come along

*sigh* for it will