Oh well…

wtf, I’m still depressed
I get home and do nothing
sit around all day
stare at the computer
like someone is going to say
hey you! what cha doin?
a lot of nothin’ is the reply
I have piles of stuff everywhere
just staring at me
they do nothing by themselves
I’ve got to put them away
but here I sit, and sit , and sit
lucky I even get up to work
too bad no one sees me this way
no one knows me the way I do
just a big, skinny, lazy, depressed
shit that I am


One response to “Oh well…

  1. so…hey you! Whatcha doin?
    I just had to say that…
    Piles of stuff everywhere…I know this. I think once I put all mine away, it will still be like that on the inside of my brain……it’s like I truly don’t know wtf to do with it all…the stuff OR the piles of stuff in my brain now..it’s all MY stuff, but it’s all different now of course. Where the fuck does it go NOW?
    I like the part about how they do nothing by themselves. I keep thinking something other will happen. But no…..
    Ah..it’s not easy…

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