Hello 2014

Well now this becomes about as interesting as it can get.
I am now divorced, after 31 years, 28 married I am officially and legally divorced.
What a strange feeling this is, that is to say without someone you have spent so much time with and
gone through misery and despair and happiness with joyful tears, and hugs, smiles, fears and deaths.
While at the same time the person I fell in love with two years ago, and brought her out of her own misery and despair to show her love, respect, and happiness, I have just said goodbye to, in a strange way but has called it over. This saddens me beyond belief but it is for my own good and must be so, so…
I am now alone, and in a way relieved. I shall not ever marry again, maybe I will love again but for now… 2014, I shall run it alone…


18 responses to “Hello 2014

  1. It is all good – you still know where I am and I will always be here for you my friend, always. A bad end doesn’t have to mean a friendship can’t live…only that things had to be different and that it is ok for them to be.

    I am so fucking proud of you – I wish you knew how much – go grab this year by
    the balls and show it who is boss!


  2. I feel like I have a brand new blank canvas, out of scorched earth. Scares the shit out of me most of the time; I don’t know what anything is. Endings, beginnings, rebirths, a new year. Saddened, strengthened, beat up, happy and scared. Spent. Hopeful. Weary. All these things.
    Just wanted you to know I was here, I wonder, I read, I care.

      • Should I add that I was so lost I couldn’t figure out how to even say anything anymore, anywhere? And so wandered off the path that now that I nose around [tentatively like a stray cat] I find my blog won’t function in any way that I can use?….can I ever be again, who I was starting to be? Well, either way, miss you and hope we can talk. I know a little about the world flipping upside down; mine has always done so. Maybe mine is supposed to do that? ::sigh::
        I’m sorry to be a stranger….a Stranger to myself in fact, in a Strange Land.
        Hugs…I am glad to see you’re writing. You always give me courage.

  3. I was actually being figurative… imagine magical girly-elf dancing around in the secret moonlight scattering sparkles of future things she likes and wants to see grow….okay, I don’t really literally do that and don’t own an elf getup. But you get it..
    I have a tremendous green thumb. I’ve planted nothing of that matter for a long time now. I would love seeds, any kind. Please, thank you.

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