Whew, what a week

for all those that are wondering if I have departed
the answer is no, my begging of the gods
hit upon closed ears and I am actually glad they did
for I am still here and I have a chance to love again.

this was a really tough week for me, there was the
full moon, a major CME (coronal mass ejection) caused
by a meteor crashing into the sun, and a seizure which
knocked the shit out of me and left me in a heavily
depressive state.

No I am not an epileptic, I have seizures due to the
fact that I was born with an AVM (Arterio-Venous Malformation)
which is a cluster of malformed blood vessels that never
formed into capillaries at birth. The seizures only affect
my right shoulder and arm so I am lucky for that but I have
discovered that things that happen in space can kick me
into a seizure, and this week there was plenty going on.

The full moon is one thing, and yes I do tend to get them
along with the moon, but not always, and I also get them
along with CME’s, but not always. A CME is from solar
flares on the sun, the flare sends out huge quantities of
matter and electromagnetic radiation into space and if
that radiation is aimed towards earth it can affect radio
waves, electrical transmission, and me. This week, at
the same time as the full moon a meteor crashed into
the sun causing a major CME.

So, here I am sleeping during the night of the full moon
when the crash hits, I get woken up at 3am deep into
the seizure, arm flapping wildly, all muscles tightening
and releasing, tightening and releasing, and I am trying to
get it to stop. Yes, there are tricks I can do but it was to
late for this one, so I just had to ride it out, and yes it left
me weak and severely depressed (as you may have read)

So, now the effects from the seizure are over, they usually
last 3 days, the depression has left, and for some reason I
am horny as hell!!!!! *sigh* from one problem to another I

Thanks L, and Isabeau for throwing me your support, it helped
My love to you both.


4 responses to “Whew, what a week

    • Isabeau, I know I have asked you this before but I need your help again, what language and can you or will you translate for me?

      On Sat, Aug 24, 2013 at 2:01 PM, mywritings55

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