I am ready

as I stand here crying
naked to the world to see
I am ready, take me
to the place that never ends
let my life seal it’s soul
I am back to the point where
what I need and what I want
are just endings
I am ready, take me

the people I love
are so few
they will miss the
curmudgeon of me
I will miss one of them
it has been a hard week
the tears still flowing
as though I was a woman
left feeling the measures
of time, the pains of the world
feel like their mine
and all I want to do
pass not even pass go

as I stand here crying
over what I no longer have
and what I want to have
I realize what I need is
to find the end to the means
chuckle some stones around
light a candle to show the sign
speak to the gods and tell them
I am ready, take me