Wondering past the emotions of time

the feelings I get
the emotions that
flow forth and back
the wondering if
the feelings that were
are still the feelings
that are
I am alone, and lonely
I need a voice that
is not there, I talk
and no one listens
people ask and I do
I ask and oh woo hoo
yes I shed tears
in times like this
maybe its just
the moon
in the feeling of
emotions that are so
far away, I feel alone
tripping over the words
to say I love you
because alone is where
I am, night after night
day after day there is
no break in time
it just flows and
where it stops
will be my que
tonight I will try
to sleep, not easy
I am too suseptable
I have too many
my dreams will just
flow into nothingness
the empty hole of
the universe
say hello as you pass
I will wave
maybe throw you
a kiss as you go
smile as your beautiful
eyes meet mine
and a tear
just for luck
becomes exposed