I Need A Life

I’ve got a life
but I don’t know
where it goes
I had a wife
but my life with
her just blows
well, not really
she used to
but that is a
whole `nother
I’ve got a life
and one who
I really love
and I worry
if she will live
till my next visit
I’ve got a life
that for some reason
falls in lust with
dykes, oh in
proper circles
that would be
not with their
life, just with them
and not both of them
just one, the others
lover can leave now
oh, btw… I’ve
always done this
what are you bi
I don’t care
I’ll love you always
without your hair
who am I
what do I say
how can I live
through this life
things change to
I can’t keep up
it points to tragedy
to get mopped up
the days seem
like months
months like years
wait a second and
three weeks have
past, I don’t get it
but that’s just me
I need a nap
to get away
take me to her
right away
settle my soul
release my brain
borrow some
I need a life


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