“Bummer Dude”

I know I am not alone, at home
even though I truly am
its a sham,
and Toulouse-Lautrec
lets go walking so
I can stretch my neck
into the fields of long tall grass
and watch your eyes pop
and drop
to the evil ways of calling
tears from the depths
of your soul and to the reaches
of mine
it’s sublime
all I want is to be happy
and all I get is those that
try to make me that way
but in the fires that I feel
and the approaching solstice
makes me feel
I know it’s just the night
or day, or week, or month
but it is and therefore
so am I
it’s like, “bummer dude”
when it goes so well that
you get hit by the shit fan
and the only way up is out
with clout?
who cares, beam me outta here
I need a break from my life
and we both know that I can’t
take you with me
what the fuck, drive a truck
dad taught me well
just need the license to travel
on, and on, and on…
till the road closes and the sheets
are clean
will you be with me
to see


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