the thoughts of sensuality
are suddenly through my head
they pass along through everything
not a drop of me feels dead
my lips are parted awaiting yours
to join a simple kiss, or lashing
that makes me so damn hard
I just can’t stop from laughing
I wait for your tongue and teeth
to make me moan and make me groan
I have sensations everywhere
from my head down to my toes
I am hard to be and long for you
as one would a ever love
I push inside and as I do
to hear a slightest moan
the kind that makes me want to hold
so tight and never, ever let go
we sweat and sway through nite and day
nothing in our way, on and on
we go together, breathing like the dead
and then I say OMG! and deeper I still lay
a breath I have just taken as I
look around the room, alone I am
as a tear forms from my eye
I love you babe, so want you here
and this dream and I shall sway
until enough time goes by
when it will be today


One response to “Thinking

  1. Hi there,
    I am wondering, if I send you a copy of my cancer book “Get Outta My Head: My Journey Living with Brain Cancer” (it’s only 80 pages), would you be willing to read it and put your rating/brief review up on Amazon for me. Then, would you blog about it, and put the following tags: brain, brain cancer, cancer, seizures, inspiration, motivation, anxiety, uplifting, depression, hope, adversity. If yes, please send me your address. Thanks.

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