a quarter too shy

I awake to find shirts
about ten T shirts actually
hanging all around the apartment
oh yea, I say, I forgot
doing yesterdays laundry
some things came out damp
a quarter to shy
in this laundry room
that means goodbye
so, I went around folding them
and jumping on line
reading any/every thing I could
having a yogurt breakfast
writing some, poetry?
taking out some chicken
for dinner
being depressed
why am I doing this
what am I afraid of
been putting it off way
to long
opens the folder and shuffles
through the divorce papers
oh yea, he says as he finds
where he left off
finances, right…
and continues with the papers
I’d rather be dead than to have to
fill this shit out, but he does
back on track again
as he hopes that she is not
too mad for making her wait


6 responses to “a quarter too shy

    • Thanks Pearl, good to know I have company on this one for it really sucks! But I must do it or I will feel as though I have failed and I do so hate that feeling…

      • I’d rather be dead than to have to
        fill this shit out…

        This never works out for me, though I wait for it.
        Actually my line usually goes- “I’d rather stick needles in my eyes”, or–“I’d rather stick pins in my flesh”, but it’s all the same. I never do it [all that sticking], and those papers always wait for me, unless I wait long enough to get into some kind of trouble, that is. [It happens…]
        When I am rich [when..], I will have someone to do such things.
        And then I will have to have someone to watch the one who’s job it is to watch out for me. And then I will want to stick pins in self because there will be more papers. Nevermind….
        Now we know all the reasons I don’t have such a person.

      • OK , now you have me smiling… it actually has been a decent day and I did not have to stick my self with anything… got through most of the papers and we meet soon to divide things *That* I am not looking forward to, I expect it to be much worse than filling out the papers.
        We are trying to be peaceful, this weekend will tell if we can

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