PAD # 20 Beyond

beyond my life I see no others
whence once I sold a pack of mothers
now, I only see the me’s
I wonder why this has come
has my baby left this one
or have I begun to see the me
that has no other place to be
I am so angry, with no one to
take it out upon, just some kid
who never had a life anyway
I am what I am, and a misanthrope
would be a good title for me
the more I see, the less I want
from this race of humans
I do know that there are
wonderful ones in this race
but there are more not than are
more who don’t see, don’t respect
think that their life is the one
and no one else matters
they make up their own rules
decide their own decisions
follow others that decide for them
don’t think twice about morals or
what could possibly be right or
ease up there fellow, nice and slow
but really, my panties are in a twist
I have a mile long wedgie that burns
my life is riding a giant swing that
never stops to let me off, I am pissed
and I am seeing no release
none, zippo, zilch, nada, no room to breath
nothing that says chill pill, no ostrich
hole to stick my head into… nothing
I am a misanthrope and today
I am hating the human race


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