PAD #19 I Burn

I burn
as I sit here waiting
waiting for the word
that life is clear again
I burn
knowing that he has
managed to shut the
entire city down
I burn
wishing that the sob
would be caught already
so life can return
I burn
feeling i am back in a cell
awaiting the permission
to step out and live again
I burn
at life that has become
this way when all I want
to do is live
I burn
that I have just run out
of milk for my coffee and
my friends are so far away
I burn
because there is no common
sense left in this world
I burn
because there are no longer
any morals in the people
left behind
I burn
when kids don’t go to school
for I know they have just burned
themselves from any future
I burn
when others have burned people
that I so believe in
I burn
I burn


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