PAD #17

I paint with the colors of the world
greens, blues, reds, and greys
they say to me how I feel today
abstract expression with a little hurl

my expressions can be seen quite clearly
and other times you can’t find it at all
landscapes, coral reefs, the sky and moon
all expressed in my certain mood

sometimes I throw, sometimes I scrape
all for the colors to propagate
I let them flow, I let them merge
to form new colors that can elate

my textures are formed from things I use
like pumice, and grout, and sand, and mortar
from the sea I find shells and fins
once I found a piece of an anchor

it doesn’t matter what I use in trite
if it fits the purpose I take it and run
find a place on my canvas that it will fit into
and express myself with all my might


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