The New World

Good morning America, how are ya
yea, right… why does that not sound
happy to me any longer

shouldn’t we all go back to hippieville
and love one another right now
well, that didn’t really work either

what if we accept the world
lower the borders and let everyone in
well, we sort of have already

then lets kick them all out
send everyone back from whence they came

stop guns? nope, stop munitions?
I don’t think so, too many video games
to try that now

how about we change our way of thinking
we are totally part of the world now
and feeling its pain

remember the Alamo…
fuck, lets remember life and how precious it is
and guard our neighbor

Welcome to the world America
do not drop your guard, always looking, always watching
for the next one to come along

*sigh* for it will


2 responses to “The New World

  1. and sadly she reads this, in the wake of the bombs, because dammit, life apparently is not that precious after all

  2. it seems as though life must go on no matter what, some will find that more precious that others, but dammit it is better than dying. To the injured I give my prayers, to the ones that have departed, God Bless


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