is it possible that I should fall in love again
knowing the reasons that I left love last
does that mean I fall in love first
and with who, or what, or even where
do I care
what if she is named after the stars, or planets
or even the milky way, should that make it impossible
to stay and what if her eyes are blue, or green, or purple
should that change anything if my heart says go
love is too hard to find today, I say in this
world if the feeling even approaches the heart
should I open more to let it see, following
the thoughts of can this be, is it for me
do I care
what my body says, I am thinking not
should I say no, too soon, gotta go
while I run to hide myself from the emotions
of love, no, I need love, want love, do I have love
d o I h a v e l o v e?
yes, baby, I do…


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