PAD #14 A Sonnet

duh Dun duh Dum duh Dum duh Dum
sounds like the words of some fuckin bum
always on the lookout for something to happen
whether to him or some fuckin Cajun

a sonnet they say to write today
what do I look like a friggin poet
I’m lucky if my words have their say
and don’t kick me in my own damn pallet

so complain I am I have to say
that form and timing are not my way
I write my words, I write for me
and so I say goodnight to thee

I will try to end this oh so nicely
but I think I failed to be precisely


4 responses to “PAD #14 A Sonnet

  1. If one is writing sonnets – should they hum
    some random rumm ta tumm inside their head
    as if by doing so the words will come
    to more than what will likely be misread?

    If one is writing sonnets – should they say
    what’s on their mind instead of in their heart?
    A poet paints with hearts-blood in a way
    (some find the sonnet just the place to start)

    Some feel they need the antiquated ‘thee’
    to make poetic what might rarely be.
    Some others choose a modern twist or two.
    (it’s still all good if in the end you’re ‘you’)

    In closing – it should be a poets choice.
    Choose the form you best feel suits your voice…

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