End of Semester (PAMTIM)

well, you know about the kid I have been tutoring and his `issues’ and problems, today was his last class and of course he was right on time. He stopped me in the hall to show me the papers he wrote and they were impossible to read, the printer he used was almost out of toner and really I could not read them. I told him so and he looked at me and asked what he should do, I said go find another printer that works and print it out again. He looked at me, and then the papers and said he would be right back, and took off like a flash.
I went into class and listened to and critiqued the students mixes, collected their papers, had laughs with them and then finally, he reappears, stinking of weed, but with papers in hand. He said he had to run back home to print them out because he did not trust any of the printers at the school. I tried to tease him about the smell of weed and an attitude came on immediately and we almost went down a road that I am sure neither one of us wanted to go down. I put a stop to it by changing the subject as fast as I could and asking to listen to his final project, which was very good. I graded him accordingly
His project was the last for me to listen to and grade so I was starting to pack up and call it a semester when I realized nobody was leaving. I sat back down and the class and I just shot a bunch of shit for another hour, some of it funny, some serious, some questions about the past semester, and some just plain ridicules. Finally I got up again and said I had had enough and told them they could stay if they wanted but I was leaving, that’s when all the students got up and instead of packing up their stuff they came to the front of the room and one by one shook my hand and thanked me for what they learned and that they really enjoyed the semester.
Now, things like this usually freak me out a bit but what took the cake was the student that I worked with over the semester came up and kneeled down in front of me and kissed me ring finger! He then thanked me and said something which I could not hear over the noise in the room, and left.
I looked at my assistant, and he at me and said `wouldn’t it be really weird if they just selected a new pope?’ I just cracked up and said yea… three hours later my assistant called me to tell me that at the exact time he kissed my finger, was the time the pope was selected. I just blew it off with an `oh well, looks like I have connections’ and left it at that.

Just one of those weird things that happen to teachers I suppose, and no, he did not offer me any of his weed… *shrug*


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