Ides of March

the sun has set on this Ides of March
and it has lived up to its full form
the party of lets work together has
just taken a turn for the worse
somehow, I knew it would tonight
it was just right
like being surrounded by fellow
senators as they stab me in the
chest, each taking their turns
taking their leader to the ground
she, has decided that all that was
is no more and everything she
had agreed to is no more
is all I could think of as she
rattled off her feeble plans that will
do nothing but take me down
anger came on quickly but was
held at bay as we almost argued
the rest of the way
write them out so I can read them
send them to me so I can see
allow me to decide how you are
going to hurt me more
I will never forget
you were once my favorite whore
and now you are being a fuckin cunt


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