Another Fun Day In The City

Well, wasn’t this fun, the afternoon class went well, I bought a power ball ticket, got a ride home from my ta, and was walking up to my door when I realized I had forgotten my keys when I left, The door was open from being painted and I never thought twice about it, I just put on my coat and hat and left the building… oy!

So the painters were running into each building for me looking for the guy that had the keys, turns out he had already left for the day, so I called the mgm’t office and they got in touch with one of the “emergency crew” guys and said he would be on the way.

I spent the next hour sitting in the hallway talking to people from my cell phone, realized that amount of time had passed, called mgm’t back to let them know that no one had been there yet, they called me back two minutes later and told me he was stuck in traffic and would be there soon, I thanked them and sat back and waited.
Fifteen more minutes went by and here comes this nice older lookingish gentleman who walked up to the door, smiled at me, opened the door and said “BR right” and then he walked to the apartment and unlocked it and said “you’re all set”
I thanked him, we kibitzed for a while and off he went, and in I went… just another day in the city…

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