my spirit took a hit last night
one that made me think of flight
to get on out and accept the bite
of the inevitable cockfight

but I really do not want to go
I’d rather stay and protect my ho
listening to sounds of the cello
rather than reloading the ammo

he knows how to work her well
I am no good at walking the eggshell
I would rather live in hell
than have to scream and yell

although I do it every day
and it is the students that have to pay
the ride they get is not of hay
when they don’t give me their essay

she knows nothing but my love
I am still worried about that shove
he really should have felt my glove
but instead I let fly the dove

when all is said and done
I am sure all will liken
and maybe squeeze a lemon
over our broth of children


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