metaphor’s, metaphors
who needs a fuckin metaphor
water, sheets, mirrors,
pipes, dragons, dogs,
cats, tulips, caladonias
waves, closets, loves,
hates, peculiars, coffee,
music on the radio,
come on baby and
dance with me…
hell all you poets
out there, just come
right out and say it
throw it in my face
and let me feel its glory
and its pain, let me
feel its love, its sorrow
its pity and its shame
tell me what it really is
and then just go away


6 responses to “Metaphors

  1. who needs a fuckin’ metaphor? excellent. how many times do i wish someone, anyone, even me… would just tell it how it actually is, say what it truly is, and then just leave me alone. and yet i am one of the worst because i can never say plainly – truly – clearly – exactly what it is i think i am thinking. who needs that shite?

    • *smile* Once again you make me smile.. yea, it is tough but really, just let me have it, say what it is that’s on your mind, I like it so much better knowing than having to read between the lines.
      Isabeau… thank you

    • yea, I just had to… I just get frustrated at times when someone is saying something that is so important but is hiding it within the words, or metaphors

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