Metaphors, Who Needs `em

2am the waters fine
can not sleep
and my dreams are
not what I would call perfect

wicked coughing fit
damn potato chip
a burrito in the nuker
and a lot on my mind

the `owner’, nope
not yet anyway
will come though
if marriage brings that

a shot of whiskey
might help here
maybe two
its one of those

who needs `em
I am not trying
to hide anything

barf is what I write
if you can’t take it
go to someone
else’s site

I really should write
something better than this
but you know what
I just don’t care

as I sit here
in my


3 responses to “Metaphors, Who Needs `em

  1. Babe? You have to title this shit – when it goes to the reader (thanks to the wordpress gremlins) no one can click and read if you don’t.

    You will ‘own’ me – yes – just not the way they think.

    I will be someone (someTHING? to them) that you will not just throw away.

    So – be my ‘owner’

    Be the person who does not discard me when I need you the most.

    Be the person who loves me no matter what.

    Be the person who listens to me cry when I miss ‘them’ (as you do)

    Be you.

      • The tune changed a bit since this one but I think the song remains the same…

        I hum it often in my heart – it is still one of my favorite songs (because – hello – you are the only one I would accept rhyming ‘care’ with ‘underwear’, honestly… and I could SO see you doing this in real life *chuckle* )

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