The Assumption of a Love Once Ended

what is fair when it comes to love
the assumption of love once ended
is enough to hurt the heart
if your heart hurts, should mine
it does but do you need to make it worse
it has been years since your time
the time that you two could write
interlocked, intertwined, internally
seeking the truth of prose
now all you do is wish
for what
to have back what was once yours
I am not so sure
you have changed
there is a family now
followers too
all are there for you
so why take it out on my love
It would be helpful to just move on
as I have heard you know how to do
but the insistance to blame
the put downs, the pain caused by you
is more than enough for the lightest of souls
of which my girl is not
nor does she want the return
just a relief
to be happy in life
and she will be
once you let go
so kiss the hubbie
hug the babe
and release mine
from your hold


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