Well I live in an apartment building now and along with all the other things that go on, like thumper and his jackal laughing room mate (aka lover?) I have been searching for a good time to do my laundry. Why you ask? Well, I really do not like people, a misanthrope to some people, a “what are you kidding me?” to others, but it is true, I am one, so… I look for times when I don’t have to deal with anyone else. It makes sense to me anyway. So I found that Saturday nights used to be good, until a bunch of new college students moved into one building. Last Saturday night I was able to wash all of my clothes but all the driers were filled with only one of them running… yea, all the others had dried clothes in them. So I waited for a half hour figuring someone would come. No one did so, I emptied one of the driers myself, put their clothes on the table that is there for folding and threw my clothes in. Yea… I really don’t like people but that is my problem I guess.
For this week I had a different plan, I would go to the laundry room on Friday night around dinner time and try to do my laundry. First I tested the situation by taking out my trash, you have to travel out close to the laundry room to get to the parking lot which holds the trash bins. As I traveled through I noticed not one machine was being used. I was in my glory, I could do my laundry in peace… yea !
I took out the trash, came back to the apartment and grabbed my already packed up dirty clothes and off to the laundry room I went. As I was about to enter the building with the laundry room someone was leaving and he held the door open for me, this amazed me immediately and I tanked him… his response… “no worries”. No Worries, what am I on facebook or some chat window… No Fuckin Worries, I was laughing my as off all the way to the machines.
I was still in peace there, laughing while loading my clothes in, calmed down, fed the washer and was on my way.
Twenty minutes later I went back, still no one there, transferred my clothes to the driers, actually I only needed one, cleaned the dust collector (?) fed the machine and was on my way again. Is this getting boring?
One hour went by, I am preparing soy cod and asparagus for dinner, go down to the laundry room and… no one is there… yippee! The clothes are dry, I fold them, go back to my place and I am happy. I did however see a happy looking couple coming back from a dinner date I assume, I hope they enjoyed because everyone just left me alone.


One response to “Laundry

  1. I have days like this all the time now – solitude grows on you after a while (kind of like a fungus really – like something lurking in the back of the fridge…)

    You have less of those days now than you used to.

    Does it help?


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