Waiting for Tonight

today is Thursday
I totally forgot
it is a workday
for her
sometimes I feel
like the scarecrow
when he sang
“if I only had a brain”
if I would have remembered
I would remained
and been there before
she left, and had her
tell me that she is
working tonight
she loves me
and I could have helped her
through any thoughts
she may have been having
and now
I have to wait for tonight


3 responses to “Waiting for Tonight

  1. I don’t cry over them very often anymore (well – I still cry more often than I should because as you know Maggie and Adrien were pretty well my whole world once and I will never forget them – especially him since I sort of still carry him around with me in a way, weird as that is) but it doesn’t hurt missing them the way it used to.

    I still read poetry with him every once in a while – the ones he picks, I like his thoughts on them (I don’t get to read him talk about them – just his little insights jotted down from time to time in the odd here or there places I stumble across them)

    Maggie I don’t follow at all – but I do check on him from time to time to see if he is settled, if he is happy with the family he shares with them all and he seems to be.

    I maybe did him a favor – I don’t make him miserable anymore and I can’t be sorry about that.

    I did want to thank you for this afternoon – for understanding my loss and for being able to share some remorse with me, it helped (I was a little bluesy)



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