Dad and the boys

I started this little story about a month ago and finished (?) it this morning… enjoy

Dad and the boys went out for a walk today; they were going off to do some target practice but there were many fears involved by the three of them.This being the first time they went out together, since the surgery, would everything work was the big question, was it too early to bring the boys out, would they over react and misfire or would they not react at all.

They got to the target range, all of them left the vehicle and stood there just staring at each other, wondering… dad stepped up and said “com`on boys” as he proceeded to slowly and carefully brush each of them off. When ask they replied that they all felt ok, confident too, so they went inside. Up to the counter they went Dad ordered a barrel for them to use “not to big, and certainly not too small” he said as this was their first time back, someone across the room said “you’ll love that one, she’s pretty”. Dad looked at the person that spoke, and looked back at the barrel and said “fun sized in fact, we’ll take it” and out to the range they went.

Dad taught the boys how to put the barrel on, with slight strokes as to not fire too soon, they listened and followed each and every one of his directions. They believed dad had done this before. Slightly stroking, sort of like polishing that barrel until it was on and firmly in place, then with two hands they grabbed the handle and while staring at the target (in their minds of course) squeezed as hard as they could as to not allow any pain, harder, faster, harder, faster, and… boom! What a success it was…

Dad was so proud he could not wait to get home and call his lady and let her know the good news…


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