3, 4 me

ok, three for me
can that be enough already
for some reason I doubt it
but I shall pray for it
three’s are a sign
the good, the bad, the ugly
the death of a boy with promise
the battering of a woman with hope
the death of a cat with love
and only six days into the year
ok, three for me
I can deal better now
it struck way to close
each one had its pains involved
and now I am back to me
the tough guy
the curmudgeon
the misanthrope
this misanthrope sheds tears
so be it, I am human
and now… I move on


3 responses to “3, 4 me

  1. I can’t do anything for Tony beyond listen for him if he wants to get into contact with you – but I also still have hope in all things. The bruising is fading and it doesn’t keep me from walking, working or doing all the other things you like to know I am doing when we are apart. All will heal up well – nothing was broken. And yes to the loving ending as well – for Sugar at least. We can’t do that for people we love – thank God we can do it for the other beings who place their trust in our love for them.


  2. I think Tony just passed by, goose bumps, chiils, that usual feeling when the dead says hello, he will be happy, as he always was…
    Glad you are who you are as things seem to heal with you quickly.
    And Sugar, well… she won’t be sleeping on my head anymore but she will always be remembered.
    My condolences to S1, S2 and you
    Me, well I am expecting a tough day but one that the curmudgeon will lower his guard and feel all others pains, and assist where he can… thank you for being you
    and for you being with me.

  3. Sometimes ‘moving on’ isn’t all its cracked up to be if you leave something you need to live behind – I think you and I have both had a chance to figure that one out this year.

    Damn hard lesson.


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