the pain of death
the agony of loss
he was so young
at 21

the knife from where
three in his heart
slashed up, fucked up
yup, DOA

I will recover
get over this pain
the memory of him
is so in my way

tears, pain, dreams
insane, hole in my heart
smiles not felt, *sigh*
goodnight sweet prince


3 responses to “Why

  1. Even though we talked about this I know you are still asking the question – why.

    I would do anything to find an answer that would help everyone understand – I wish I had that power, for you – for his other friends – better than that would be finding a way to bring him back.

    I’m sorry I can’t do that either.

    I don’t think there can ever be an answer…

    All there is to do is love the friends he left behind the way he would.



    • The why will never really be answered except for it was his time, one hell of a way to go but, that is how he went and there is nothing that can be done about that. The only hope now is that I will get to see him again when I go.
      You, can just hold me next time we meet, maybe even share a tear.
      You have done more than your share and I thank you for putting yourself into that position.

      I love you L.

      • *hug* it was a hard year love – reading back through it I can see the cracks waiting to become breaks…

        It can all only get better from here on out – you will not lose another friend, not from my end and you can bank that promise.

        Thinking of you,

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