it’s 2am and I can’t sleep
too many thoughts running through my head
everything from it being the last week of school
and, of course, the students will be coming up
with amazing stories about how their work is not complete
my favorite: `my dog ate my hard drive’
I am serious about that one
oh btw… Cherry Garcia is real good at 2am
thoughts about what I have gone through the past few days
preparation for travel, meeting on the road
flying someplace that is quickly becoming a regular
(just wish they had better food)
orgasms had by both of us, the first time
I ever helped with mine, pretty cool
if you have not tried it, you should
I guess I should thank him for finding
me a gig to apply to, we’ll see on that one
and then she says one of the most powerful
statements that anyone could ever say to another
whew… the Cherry Garcia is working
I am going back to bed
I really did have a lot more to say but, not tonight


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