The Righteous and the Virtuous

the righteous and the virtuous
all take the stage today
it seems as though
they all do have a lot to
about who is who
and who is right
and who left the world
to be destroyed by the
when all we really wanted
was to be left alone


5 responses to “The Righteous and the Virtuous

  1. Oh?

    I was gifted with a random act of kindness today.

    It was very much appreciated and I passed it forward as I promised I would.

    There are times when the lines blur and the people you feel you can expect the least from give the most they have to offer.

    That’s all any one of us can ever do.

    When we do it with love we all become equal in the eyes of whatever God or ideal we follow.

    It will be the love that will make the difference in the end – not its source or its affiliations.

    I love you.

    Pass it on.


  2. Reblogged this on Words we never said… and commented:
    Anything done for the right reason becomes a virtuous act on some level.

    We are all in this world together – not any one of us will please most of our fellow man even half of the time but an act of kindness will never go astray if its intent is pure and it is accepted with grace and the love with which it was intended.

    This post reminded me to be thankful – and to seek peace where I can find it.

    Many days I find it in solitude.

    Today – I found it in a random act of kindness.

    If there is ever such a thing as ‘righteous’ or ‘virtuous’ it will almost certainly be found somewhere – at sometime – that you least expect.

    If any of you feel the need to cast a stone at any time – check your store of random acts of kindness…

    Maybe you have a few of those you can throw instead.

    And if you do – thank you from the deepest of my heart and accept my gratitude.

    You will have earned that and so much more by making the world a more loving place.


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