Hertz, Hurts…

So, I rented a car from Hertz to drive to the house and discuss the divorce,
also to carry some winter clothes back to the apartment. No big there, when I got the car I was told to return it with a full tank of gas, since it was leaving with one. Hertz offered a ~gas up~ offer where you get to return the car and they fill it up at $4.40 per gallon. Just a bit of a rip off since gas is going for $3.50 a gallon, so I turned that offer down. I would just fill it on my way back the next day. No problem I thought, Ha! on me. I got up the next morning late, ran like hell to get the car back on time so that I would not be charged for a second day. I had no coffee or shower and was not really thinking about anything but getting the car back.
I pulled into Hertz and signed out and was told that the bill would be $100 something dollars, I questioned the amount since I did get it back on time, and was told that I was being charged $9.90 a gallon for gas, since I did not fill it.
I was going to argue but I knew it would not help… I paid the bill and learned my lesson.

Fair warning to all, no body tells you that you will be paying out the ass if you don’t do what you agreed to do..


2 responses to “Hertz, Hurts…

  1. No – you usually have to find out the hard way.

    Even when you do follow it all to the letter sometimes the rules change when you aren’t looking and THEN you pay.

    Sorry about your luck hun.


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