This has been around for a while, been meaning to finish it so I did today.
My apologies to those that don’t like rhymes for this one does…
It also tries to follow a rhythm set down by Tom Waits but it does vary..

the old man got rained on by his own friggin gate
and the one that got sold just could not relate
is it so impossible for those who can’t wait
to be free, to see through, to equal and equate

she once was a dancer before her dreams abate
the attitude and latitude once was so great
here and now, then and thou, all would elate
but now she is nothing but a piece of real estate

I want to be burned, not buried, aka cremate
throw my body on the fire and give me a rotate
collect the ashes and spread them to aerate
to the souls I have loved it is time I vacate


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