hello to my lover who is so far away
there is something that is making us so blue today
it is not anything to do with our love `cause that’s true
from my heart to my soul it all belongs to you
but there is a change in the air, and we both know it’s true
it is not us, so it must be the air that is making us blue
the atmosphere is changing, there’s a storm on the way
the barometric pressure is dropping, or rising, or staying the same
but the storm is a big one and she has a hold on me
telling me to remind you that this happens to us just the same
so hold on my dear, hold on tight, the air will play it’s game
with us tonight, be strong, be free, be my lover for me
as I will do the same for you, just hold me, tell me, be with me tonight
and somehow, someway, that alone will make everything ok


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