She Shut Down

my mind went free
there has been so much happiness
going on that I let it go
not thinking that another
may not be able to handle my thoughts
they shut her down
not that I am thinking bad thoughts
it is just that I have too many thoughts
I blame Libra for that
not being able to balance my scales
this way is this
and this way is that
and in the middle is this other thing
and I asked her opinion
she shut down
I should have known she would
it has happened before
but my mind was so full of my thoughts
I did not remember she
only me, and my thoughts that asked her
she is not that way
just tell and lead the way
she is happy to play
but my mind went free tonight
opened up wide for all to see
which she did
and went quiet
asked me politely to do so
but she did
and my thoughts decided the answer


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