The End?

Hello kid, I just want to say
that I am in pain today
and these pains are bringing thoughts
of what I have to say
it been a long time that’s for sure
and we have come a very long way
but now I know it hurts but I am to say
our time is done, I have gone away
this you know, it has been a while
but I need to make it more so
let me just go right to it
I can live with you no more
no matter what changes
might be made I just can’t
go back to what we had it just
hurts me to damn much.
Where once we were glad
I am now sad, there are reasons
why but most of all I have changed
I need to take control of myself again
and not be covered by your blanket
of protection, no matter how much it was
needed in our past, I need to let that go
and with that, you.
I am depressed all the time, I was before I left
and now every time I think of going back it depresses
me more. It must be done, that’s all there is.

You are my savior in many ways and of many things
all of these I will never forget, your place in my heart
will always be, but no longer can it have you as its lover
a friend yes, of course, and always a very close one but I need me now
I have told you too many stories, have lied too many times
and I need to clear my self of these, I have become fearful
of not living up to your standards, to disappointing you in
what I do, to needing you to survive on a daily basis, I need
to know that I don’t, I need to know that I can do things again before
I die thinking I can’t, and I was close to doing so.

I am sorry but I am asking you for a divorce, so I may continue
to move on, see my way to the next step for me, whatever that may be.

I beg you to understand, and to work with me towards this, I know it can go
In many different directions but I am hoping that we may end as friends.


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