where once there was an enemy now there is a life to see
a friend to become a friend,a someone that will be to me
we start careful but start we do, let it out slow and careful
but hello is always good, we talk death, `cause were able
any and all who can remember are the extra ones to me
but he is one that has so much to retreat the one to see
for all who care to be, he is one now for me
a friend

written on 24 June 2012, thought it was time to publish


2 responses to “he

  1. Maybe ‘he’ should have read it then?

    Maybe ‘overthinking’ could have been avoided – or not.

    You don’t need reality to think too hard in the wrong direction – all you need for that is a bit of pain you feel the need to deny, some misunderstanding and/or miscommunication and a good imagination.

    I like the poem – and what it could have been.


    • yea, good intentions lead to Hmmm… not sure what really, but this one did not work out the way as one hoped for.

      Thanks for reading and liking…

      Love back…


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